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Marie HoyleChief Executive
I joined Barnsley Healthcare Federation as CEO at the start of January 2018 and locally I’m a well-known advocate of Federated working. I bring with me a wealth of Healthcare experience in Barnsley, having worked in GP Practice Business Management, and served on the Governing Body of NHS Barnsley CCG, roles which have afforded me great insight to the potential of Federation. I am impressed by what the Federation has achieved so far and will commit to ensuring the Federation continues to develop in its support of local GP Practices and local population. I have lived in Barnsley all my life so I have a vested interest in getting the best I can deliver through this exciting opportunity.
James LockingFinance Director
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA) with several years of experience working for Private organisations that have delivered Public funded contracts, firstly in Employment but now in Healthcare. I have worked as the Finance Director of a not-for-profit social fund investor and a manufacturer too before I joined the Federation. From my first day here in March 2017, I have been impressed by the work ethic and sheer determination within the Federation to make our services the best they can be for the people of Barnsley. I hope to see the Federation become a long-term sustainable leader in Primary Care at Scale and want to make the Federation’s impact even bigger than it is today. Finally I am a proud Yorkshireman and pleased to be working in my local area.
Dr ShuttMedical Director
I qualified from Leeds university in 2001. I first trained in surgery before training as a GP on the Pennine vocational training scheme. I have previously worked in Surgeries in Huddersfield and Halifax and have been working with the Federation in Barnsley since April 2017.
My interests are in minor surgery, carpal tunnel surgery and medical education. I am passionate about primary care and keen to explore new ways of working to meet the challenges that the health service is facing.
Dr RamplingClinical Director i-HEART 365
I first qualified as a GP in 1990, I possess and pride myself on my strong medical knowledge gained from an expensive experience of all major clinical areas. More recently, I have gained experience within an out of hours setting, training GP registrars in this environment and lecturing on triage. In my role as Clinical Director, I want to focus on streamlining the out of hours function, facilitating and improving the communication between its different elements in order to best fulfil the potential of Barnsley’s brilliant round the clock care.
Rebekah LeaOperation Director Primary Care and IHeart 365
I have an extensive background of management experience in various commercial orgnaisations, including Out of Hours services nationwide, and Occupational Health. I enjoy working under pressure, responding to challenges and generating new ideas. As Operations Director for Barnsley Healthcare Federation, my priorities for primary care are to deliver the highest possible standards of patient care wherever patients access our services, whether that be in general practice, out of hours or Intermediate Care. As the development of Primary Care at Scale continues to build momentum, I hope to build on the recent success of our latest project in Out of Hours and GP Streaming and continue the drive of delivering new models of care ensuring better outcomes for the people of Barnsley.
Paul Bibby RN BA MA PGCChief Nurse
I trained and then worked as a Nurse in Doncaster. I set up the Hospital postoperative pain service there and then went on to work in North Nottinghamshire where my passion for service redesign resulted in me leading the development of community based pain management clinics across much of England. I have also worked for several Universities to develop and deliver post registration Nurse training. I am a member of a local running club and support Liverpool FC.
Sharon SwiftHead of HR
I am a self-motivated individual with a desire to succeed in anything I do. With over 25 years’ experience in HR Strategy and Leadership. My HR background is gained from me fast tracking my career progression within HR and as well as being a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), I also hold a MSc in Human Resources Management. I keep cool under pressure and demonstrate integrity; along with this I am a strong communicator and negotiator and have over 7 years direct experience of working within a unionised environment. I have a successful record of leading and managing a HR team and my ability to make sound decisions in complex situation has helped me with my career success.
Alison SaltCorporate Governance Manager
I am the Corporate Governance Manager for the Federation. I am responsible for ensuring that the Federation has appropriate and effective systems and processes in place to achieve and maintain the highest standards of governance. I have extensive experience of working across most sectors of the NHS. I have a breadth of knowledge and skills developed over the years and have worked for a number of organisations across the UK in areas including operational management, project management, service planning and redesign, procurement and contracting. I have a BA (Hons) degree in History from the University of Nottingham and a postgraduate diploma in Health Services Management. I have worked in the Barnsley health community for the last 20 years in a number of senior management roles. As a local person who uses local health services I have a genuine interest in the provision of excellent healthcare to the population of Barnsley. I am passionate about healthcare and believe that the Federation offers a dynamic and exciting way forward in the delivery of quality primary care services and I am pleased to be working as a part of the team to deliver this.
James BarkerDirector of Business Development
As Director of Business Development and Strategy I am focussed on improving the way in which health care services are delivered in Barnsley. Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of roles across both the private sector and NHS. I have extensive experience of working with multiple partners to build patient focused services. For example I was instrumental in the development of the extend hours GP service, i-HEART Barnsley making sure that the service would have a positive impact for all Barnsley residents. Through the work conducted by the i-HEART development team we were successful in securing over £2 million of investment into Barnsley to create more GP and Nurse Appointments. Throughout my career in business development and service improvement I have been successful creating new opportunities and redefining the way in which teams and organisations work together. I am proud to live in Barnsley and want to ensure that the healthcare provided for resident’s places them at the center of their own care.