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Barnsley Primary Care Network

Over a number of years, Practices in Barnsley have come together, firstly to create Barnsley Healthcare Federation and then to form Barnsley Primary Care Network (Barnsley PCN).

Barnsley PCN is made up of 28 member GP practices which are independently managed but share a common purpose to enhance the level of Primary Care support available within the borough through one large PCN, the largest PCN in the country, supported by six neighbourhoods.

The Neighbourhood Networks names are:

  • Network one – Penistone;
  • Network two – Central;
  • Network three – North;
  • Network four – North East;
  • Network five – Dearne; and
  • Network six – South.

Barnsley PCN is a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan, with general practices forming a network covering over 230,000 patients. Barnsley PCN provides the structure and funding for services to be developed locally and in response to the needs of the patients in Barnsley.

Barnsley’s PCN team, from Practice Nurses to Clinical Directors are committed to strengthening Primary Care resilience and enhancing patient care with our collaborative approach enabling service development on an unprecedented scale that can share resources effectively directing additional roles across neighbourhoods.

By bringing Practices together as one, this enables greater integration across the health and care system in Barnsley. We are committed to working as one team within the community, hospital and social care to ensure that Primary Care has a single approach to integration ensuring that no Practices are left behind in being able to offer the best care for their patients.

Our guiding principles –

  • Place patients at the centre of all PCN activity and decision making;
  • Work together with a co-operative and positive approach;
  • Adopt a solution oriented method of addressing challenges that affect the PCN;
  • Work collaboratively to manage and achieve the requirements of the Network contract;
  • Share ideas, best practice and concerns with all PCN members. All members will work in a manner conducive to promoting effective working relationships;
  • Act in an open and transparent way that promotes a sharing environment;
  • Share and direct resources appropriately to enable the achievement of Network requirements and improve the outcomes of patients in the PCN;
  • Manage resources in a robust and effective way to ensure optimum service delivery for the local population; and
  • Work collaboratively with all local stakeholders to create an integrated care system in Barnsley that is capable of improving patient outcomes.