New diabetes contract brings services together

A new contract for joined-up adult diabetes services has been awarded to Barnsley Hospital and Barnsley Healthcare Federation at a value of £3,075,000 over the next three years.

The new service will continue to provide the full range of care available now but the focus will be on ensuring that people get the right support, from the right healthcare team, at the right time.

In the future it is likely that more people living with stable Type 2 diabetes will be supported by their GP teams seeing hospital consultants and specialist nurses if they have more complex needs. The service will also look at providing more specialised training for GPs and practice nurses.

Feedback from Barnsley people, collected as part of the development of this new service, was that they would like more clinics in local communities, rather than in hospital and also at more convenient times. In the future this could mean you see a consultant in your GP surgery or community venue.

Dr Mehrban Ghani, medical director at Barnsley CCG said: “Living with diabetes differs from person to person. However, we know that it involves a whole range of regular tests, check-ups and appointments, which are run by various different health care teams. Having these done is essential for someone to help them manage their condition but actually the way our system is set up, means that it doesn’t feel as joined up as it could do. People tell us they sometimes have similar tests and conversations with different healthcare teams and this new way of working will improve that duplication.

“We also know there are lots of people who have stable Type 2 diabetes, who have to visit a consultant at the hospital, possibly only once a year, for a conversation that could take place with their GP. People tell us that this is not only inconvenient but also doesn’t offer them any benefit. As GPs we’ll be working closely with the specialist nurse and consultant team to ensure that everyone gets a good experience.

“This joined up approach is one we think will work well in Barnsley. The diabetes healthcare teams are extremely well thought of and where this way of working has been introduced in other areas of the country, it has improved both people’s experience and overall health outcomes.”

Dr David Shutt, Medical Director, Barnsley Healthcare Federation said:

“”The partnership between ourselves and Barnsley Hospital is a great example of collaborative working which places the needs of patients at its centre.  The new service has been developed to

ensure individuals with diabetes will be fully supported by the right healthcare team, ensuring they can access the best medical assistance at times when it is needed most. At the same time, we hope that by equipping GPs and Nurses throughout the borough with the specialist skills and training to support individuals suffering from diabetes we hope to reduce the number of hospital admissions as a direct result of the new service.

“We are communicating and working with staff across all Barnsley Hospital and Barnsley Healthcare Federation sites within the borough to ensure the new adult diabetes service is introduced as seamlessly as possible. All clinicians within both the Hospital and Federation look forward to working alongside each other to providing better outcomes and patient care for those living with diabetes within the Barnsley Borough.”

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