Triple GP appointment at Highgate Surgery

Barnsley Healthcare Federation is strengthening its team of healthcare professionals at BHF Highgate Surgery, adding three new regular doctors to the practice.

The new appointments have been made to strengthen the levels of care provisions within the Practice. To support the work of the newly appointed GPs, the Federation has also appointed Advanced Nursing Practitioners and Nurse Prescribers – clinical positions which have not been previously available at Highgate Surgery.

The new GPs joining Highgate include the Federation’s newly appointed Medical Director Dr Hare. She will be joined by Dr Akram, appointed as a permanent GP and supported by sessional GP Dr Mir.

Dr Liz Hare joins the Federation after spending much of her career working in the North West, where she has practiced as a GP for nearly 14 years. She has previously held roles as Chronic Disease Management Lead and Medicines Management Lead for Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group. As well as helping to strengthen the existing medical team at Highgate Surgery, Dr Hare will also be responsible for overseeing the Federation’s medical care provision.

Since being awarded the contract to deliver primary care services at Highgate Surgery, Barnsley Healthcare Federation has conducted an extensive review of the current care provisions. Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Prescribers have also been introduced, helping to increase the number of patient slots available, whilst reducing patient waiting times.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP) play an increasing role in the delivery of primary care services. ANPs can assess a patient, make a diagnosis and provide treatment. However, they do this within a clearly defined scope of practice. ANPs in primary care develop close, long-term relationships with their patients and work in partnership with them to help achieve optimum levels of healthcare.

A new Clinical Pharmacist is also expected to the join the Highgate team within the next few weeks to enhance the quality of service and choice of care available to patients.

Jim Logan, Chief Executive, Barnsley Healthcare Federation said:

“Delivering a high quality healthcare service which meets the needs of our patients has always been our number one priority. During our first meeting with Shafton Parish Council, we made it clear permanent GPs would be appointed at Highgate as soon as practicable.

“We have spent time developing a robust recruitment model which is designed to ensure patients at Highgate benefit from a high quality service. All of the GPs appointed have already spent time working at Highgate on a trial basis and based upon performance and patient feedback, we are pleased to announce the roles have been made permanent.

“Following our review of existing care provision, we wanted to go one stage further. Some of the services we are introducing into Highgate have not been previously available in the Surgery and the addition of advanced nursing practitioners who will work alongside our GPs will ensure patient needs are met.

“Having the right members of the Team is an essential aspect of the delivery of any healthcare service and all three GPs joining Highgate are experienced, knowledgeable and consummate professionals, committed to delivering the highest possible standards of patient care.

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