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About Barnsley Healthcare Federation

Launched in 2015, Barnsley Healthcare Federation is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company which aims to improve and enhance the way in which primary care at scale is delivered within Barnsley.

Drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of health professionals from across the borough, our vision is to deliver a robust publicly-funded health and social care service which meets the needs of the local community.

We believe that regardless of location or need, every patient should receive the same high standard of care, at times when they need it most.

At a time when many areas of the UK face acute shortages when it comes to recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals, we understand the importance of creating opportunities to attract and retain individuals keen to build a career in the sector. We understand these challenges will not be solved overnight, but it’s one of the reasons why education remains at the heart of our offering: Creating opportunities to help nurture and retain the skills needed by dedicated healthcare professionals to deliver a service which we can all be proud of.

Our unique, collaborative approach brings together professionals from across Barnsley’s healthcare sector, helping us to the foundations to meet the needs of patients living and working in the borough, reduce pressure on accident and emergency admissions and build a service of which provides a holistic approach to care services which are provided by NHS practices.

Our Aims

  • Increase Practice resilience and sustainability through a Federated model of Primary Care; we will share knowledge, skills, resources and best practice to deliver tangible improvements to health outcomes across Barnsley
  • Deliver greater economies of scale for Barnsley GP Practices, supporting Practices to share back office functionality and gain savings through collaborative working; ensuring value for money
  • Improve the consistency of healthcare delivery through improving access to both clinical and non-clinical training, tailored to meet the needs of Primary Care
  • Trial and test new models of delivery embracing technology to enhance patient care
  • Go beyond the boundaries of traditional health services, helping young people to achieve their full potential to contribute to a better Barnsley.

Barnsley Working Together


Won Regional and National Awards

  • MEDILINK YORKSHIRE & HUMBER HEALTHCARE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 – Partnership with the NHS Award: Primary Care Award (i-HEART Barnsley)

  • MEDILINK YORKSHIRE & HUMBER HEALTHCARE BUSINESS AWARDS 2017 – Skills Investment Award (Made in Barnsley)

  • PUBLIC SECTOR PAPERLESS AWARDS – Management and Culture Project of the Year

  • Barnsley Spirit Award 2020

  • Yorkshire Prestige Awards 2021/2022 –
    Healthcare Services of the Year – Yorkshire

  • Yorkshire Prestige Awards 2022/2023 –
    Healthcare Services of the Year – Yorkshire


Finalist for National Awards including

  • Health Investor Awards 2017 –
    Primary Care Provider of the Year

  • HSJ Awards 2017 –
    Acute, Community and or Primary Care redesign

  • Health Business Awards 2020 – COVID Response

  • Health Investor Awards 2021 –
    Primary Care Provider of the Year

  • HSJ Awards 2021 –

    Primary Care Networks, GP or Community Provider of the Year

  • General Practice Awards 2021 – GP Team of the Year

  • Health Business Awards 2021 –

    COVID Response Award

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